Politics and Management Program

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PISA offers an expert-led course to enhance diplomatic skills and promote leadership capacity. PISA's expertise in international affairs curricula development and active learning methodology offer a unique, impact driven approach that prepares diplomats to lead, negotiate, and communicate effectively as representatives of their country. Working with PISA's network of international experts and the faculty of the Elliott School of International Affairs , we will offer a two-week course; Politics and Management. Located in the heart of Washington, DC just steps away from the White House, State Department, Federal Reserve Bank, International Monetary Fund, and World Bank - the program immerses diplomats in the midst of US policymakers and influential international and non-governmental organizations. Our location is an extraordinary intellectual and institutional asset, and it enhances everything we do.

Skills Development

  • International Negotiation (UN and Regional Forums such as ASEAN, APEC, AEF)
  • Persuasive Public Speaking
  • Effective Presentations
  • Cross-cultural Communication
  • Scenario Modeling
  • Team Building
  • Leadership, Management and Administration

Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Washington Policy Focused Think Tanks (Brookings, Heritage Foundation, Peterson Institute of Economics)

  • Key Government Agencies

  • United States Congress

  • Major Non-profits/Foundations

Selected Seminar Topics For Diplomats

  • Regional Integration and Role of MFA

  • Multilateral Institutions and Cooperation

  • Global Governance, The Emerging Balance of Power in Southeast Asia and the Role of the G20

  • Global Issues:

  • Foreign Policy

  • Non-Traditional Security

  • Energy Security

  • Shifting Balance of Power in Asia: China and the United States

  • International Norms and Perceptions/Misconceptions of Islam/West

  • Role of Non-State Actors: Civil Society Organizations, Corporations

  • Scenario Building and Foresight Planning Exercises

Course Objectives

  • Enhance critical thinking and practical application models to enable diplomats to comprehend the big picture as well as deal with complexity.
  • Develop leaderhip and intercultural confidence to prepare diplomats to lead, influence and manage others in an increasingly diverse international environment.
  •  Provide baseline knowledge, problem anlysis and practical skills to build overall diplomatic capacity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs support its mission and objectives in the region.


The fee for this program is $10,000 per person. PISA also offers a variety of specialized and custom-designed courses. For more information please contact pisa@gwu.edu.


Director's Note

As students on campus turn in their final papers and head for summer jobs and internships or launch into the working world, PISA retains its cycle of activity and plans for upcoming projects.  Over

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